In 1965, Roger Drake commenced his supermarket retailing career with the Coles Myer Group. In 1974, after 9 years at Coles Myer, Roger established his own business by purchasing his first store for AU$29,000 in Mitcham, a southern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia – a three-lane supermarket called Jack & Jill’s with 4 employees. After three successful years, Roger opened a larger supermarket at Torrensville, in the western suburbs of Adelaide. The company has grown opportunistically since then and now owns 50 stores throughout South Australia and Queensland, with a turnover in excess of $800M and 4500 employees nationally.

Drakes Supermarkets is the largest independent grocery retailer in Australia and specialises in supermarket retailing. In addition to their supermarket stores, the company operates a liquor store, several newsagencies and a consulting service. The company also has a significant property portfolio.

The company’s strength lies in operating on the principles of a family business and supporting local manufacturers and suppliers. Roger prides himself on knowing as many of his staff as he can by name. He spends time every day out in his supermarkets, talking to staff and customers alike, and always endeavouring to improve the level of service the company provides.

Despite its expansion, the company has managed to keep its focus on the important aspects of the supermarket business – THE CUSTOMER – by always striving to provide superior customer service. This is the company's competitive edge – along with its family values and South Australian roots. One of Roger’s best-known sayings is“I am not your boss, the customer is your boss, for without the customers, none of us would have a job!”

As a first generation family business, Drake Supermarkets has achieved great success in a market dominated by two retail giants. An increased focus on staff training and development, customer service initiatives, innovation and an expanded social media presence have been among the key factors to this growth. However, Drake Supermarkets overall sales growth is the commitment to our customers, community, staff and suppliers.


Our Vision

To Be a World Class Retailer

Our Mission

To provide our customers with exceptional service, value for money, great range and an outstanding shopping experience

Our Values

  • Customers - We acknowledge the customers are the most important people in our business!

  • Community - We pledge to give back to the community!

  • Growth - We are committed to the growth of the business in everything we do!

  • People - We must have the right people in the right jobs, enjoying themselves in a safe environment!

  • Suppliers - We value long-term supplier relationships!

Staff Training

Drakes places a high importance on staff training. Fostering the next generation in the business is a key strategy for our future growth.

Drakes is a Registered Training Organisation and offers opportunities for all of our employees to undertake nationally recognised training. In 2012, this has included:

  • 61 staff enrolled in Certificate III in Meat/Food Processing

  • 6 staff completing Certificate II in Retail

  • 79 completing Certificate III in Retail

  • 75 completing Certificate IV in Retail Management

  • 49 completing Diploma of Retail Management

  • 1 completing Certificate II Information Processing

  • 3 completing Certificate III in Business

  • 7 completing Certificate IV in Business Administration

  • 1 completing Diploma of Business Administration

  • 2 completing Diploma of Management

In 2009, 30 employees completed Diplomas as part of the Retail Executive Program – the first in Australia to do so. In August 2010, graduates were recognised at an Industry Forum organised by Service Skills South Australia, and were presented with their certification as a ‘Retail Executive’. This has continued, with a total of 86 Diploma students graduating from the program to date.

On the 16th November 2012, Drakes Supermarkets was recognised for their passion and dedication to training by winning “Employer of the Year” at the Australian Training Awards.

Staff loyalty and retention are strengths of the group which enjoys one of the highest longevity of staff in the retail industry.

Each year Roger & Wendy Drake host an awards luncheon for staff who have reached employment milestones of 10, 20 or 30 years service. In 2012 we had in excess of 90 employees received a gold watch in recognition of this achievement. Today the 10 Year Club has in excess of 300 inductees who are still employed at Drakes.


Drakes privately owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is: The Fourth Force Pty Ltd trading as Drakes Supermarkets and is registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (the Act) as an NVR Registered Training Organisation. Our RTO is an Enterprise based RTO and is defined by the following characteristics: (1) the core business of the registered enterprise is not the provision of training; (2) the enterprise RTO provides accredited training for the employees of the enterprise; and (3) the enterprise RTO is embedded or integrated within the standard business processes of the enterprise.

The RTO (Registration Number # 40119) was granted a continuation of its registration for a period of 5 years which commenced on the 1st August 2013 and is due to expire on the 31st of July 2018.

To attain continued registration the RTO was audited by an ASQA Auditor on Wednesday the 10th July 2013.

The qualifications audited during the audit process was:

  • SIR30212 ~ Certificate III in Retail Operations 

  •  SIR50112 ~ Diploma of Retail Management


The Standards for Continuing Registration (SNR) that were audited against for both qualifications included:

  • SNR 15 

  •  SNR 16

  • SNR 17

  • SNR 18

  • SNR 20


For every SNR audited a result of “Compliant’ was the outcome. There were absolutely no “Non-Compliant’ areas. Having said this it was not necessary to take action to rectify any significant or critical non-compliances.

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses that Drakes is registered to provide is listed on the National Register ~ http://training.gov.au/

Drakes representatives have proudly signed a statutory declaration in which we have accepted responsibility for ensuring compliance with the VET Quality Framework. This framework comprises the following components:

  • the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations

  • the Australian Qualifications Framework

  • the Fit & Proper Person Requirements of the Act

  • the Financial viability Risk Assessment Requirements of the Act

  • the Data Provision Requirements of the Act


This is an important commitment that requires us to manage and monitor our RTO’s activities to ensure that compliance is maintained at all times across all our operations.

Customer Service

Drake Supermarkets Mission Statement is to: Provide our Customers with Exceptional Service, Value for Money, Great Range & an Outstanding Shopping Experience.

Managing Director, Roger Drake has made it policy that he personally responds customer inquiries, and ensures there is direct follow up by the Store Manager.


Drake Supermarkets is also proud of its 10 Service Guarantees, and all our staff are highly trained in these areas:-

  • We offer a 200% Fresh Food Guarantee

  • Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer service at all times

  • We personally take customers to the item they are looking for

  • We stock our stores to suit the local area

  • We do our best to get items a customer asks for

  • We willingly assist the elderly or disabled

  • We phone for a taxi if a customer needs one

  • We happily carry a customer’s shopping to their car

  • We support local charities & community groups

  • We support local suppliers & producers


Our Product Offer

Over the past year, Drake has grown its organic and health food offerings as well as its celiac range to meet growing demand. We have also introduced a greater range of prepared meals, full meal packages and gift cards while establishing more in-store Lenard’s chicken franchises over the past year.

Drake Supermarkets has a policy of sourcing only Australian-made produce wherever possible to support local suppliers, farmers & producers.


Innovation & Social Media

Our Vision Statement is to: Be a World Class Retailer.

In 2010, Drake Supermarkets became the first independent supermarket chain to introduce self-scanning checkouts, which have been met with positive customer response.

IA central online portal has also been established that can be accessed by every store manager. This ensures a uniform approach to store management and promotions while providing all the relevant Drake policies and resources at the press of a button.

Drake now has a their own Facebook and Twitter accounts and we have in excess of 5000 Facebook friends and this is growing every day.

Drake Supermarkets has also launched the “Drake App” for mobile phones which allows customers to search for stores within their area and gain access to a wide range of specials, competitions and the Drake Supermarket catalogues.

Community & Charitable Programmes

As a first generation family company, Drake Supermarkets prides itself on upholding family values within a corporate structure.

Supporting the community has always been an important part of Drake Supermarkets since the very beginning, and Drake Supermarkets believe all good companies have a corporate social responsibility to do this. We support the community not for the recognition, but because it's the right thing to do and we look forward to continuing this in the future.

Drake Supermarkets supports the local community through various initiatives:-

  • Drake Supermarkets Community Dollars Programme

  • Drake Supermarkets Charity Show Bag

  • Sponsorship/Donations to a variety of community & sporting clubs

  • 5% discount offered on Wednesdays for Aged/Veteran Pensioner Card Holders.

  • Drake Supermarkets supports local South Australian producers & suppliers


To date Drake Supermarkets has donated in excess of $1.5M to local community & major charitable organisations, through our Community Dollars Programme and the Charity Show Bag initiative.

The Drake Supermarkets Charity Show Bag has been successfully running now for 13 years and to date we have raised in excess of $619,899.

The major charities who have benefited from our various initiatives are:-

  • RDNS

  • Phoenix Society

  • QEH Research Foundation

  • FMC Breast Cancer Research

  • Little Heroes Foundation (previously McGuiness McDermott Foundation)

  • Bedford Industries

  • Salvation Army

  • Childhood Cancer