Community Dollars is a program which the Directors of Foodland Promotions discovered on a Study Tour in 1992. Foodland Promotions put the program into practice in the Foodland stores in July 1992.

Each Foodland store installed a box at the front of their store giving customers the opportunity to support local charities by putting their receipt into the box of their choice. Every three months $500.00 was distributed to the charities. Foodland Promotions withdrew the program in 1997 but we still continue to support the program.  We have donated over one million dollars up to date.

We have recently expanded the program to our Queensland stores with a new format which sees charities applying for, and receiving, key-tag sized barcodes that fit nicely within a set of keys, which are then scanned each time they shop within any Drakes Supermarket.

You may download one from this site and upon approval they will be mailed to your charity.


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