Drakes Enterprise Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

What is an ‘Enterprise Registered Training Organisation?

Enterprise registered training organisations are defined by the following characteristics:

  • the core business of the registered enterprise is not the provision of training;
  • the enterprise RTO provides accredited training for the employees of the enterprise;
  • the enterprise RTO is embedded or integrated within the business processes of the enterprise.

Drakes Enterprise RTO offers Nationally Accredited Training in:

  • Certificate III in Retail (User Choice – SIR30216)
  • Certificate III in Retail (Cert III Guarantee – SIR30216)
  • Certificate IV in Retail Management (SIR40316)
  • Diploma of Retail Leadership (SIR50116)
  • Certificate III in Warehousing Operations (TLI31616)

This training is designed to provide a clear career path to those employees who wish to progress within the company.

Drakes RTO (40119) applied to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) during June 2018 to extend the RTO registration period. ASQA conducted a desktop audit during which there were no compliance issues identified and re-registration was granted until 18th July 2025.

Student Fees and Refund Policy

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PQS Subsidy / Co-contribution Schedule

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