Basic Brisket Recipe – From Our New Slow BBQ Smoking Range

By June 13, 2018Recipes


3-4kg Brisket (from the Slow BBQ Smoking Range)
40g Salt
20g Garlic Powder
10g Pepper
Beef Stock

For the Smoking:

Smoking Wood or Wood Chips (Pecan or Hickory)


1. Get your Brisket and trim excess chunks of fat that won’t break down at a low heat.
2. Mix together the Salt, Pepper and Garlic and sprinkle on both sides of the Brisket. Let the Brisket come down in temp and leave for an hour before putting into the smoker.
3. Set your smoker/weber/BBQ to 220-250 Degrees Fahrenheit (110-120 Degrees Celsius). Add your lump of smoking wood or wood chips.
4. Place your brisket in your smoker with a water pan under the Brisket. A water pan helps when your smoker is running too hot.
5. Check the Brisket after 2 hours to see how the colour is going and make sure you are maintaining your heat of 220-250 Degrees Fahrenheit (110-120 Degrees Celsius)
6. After 4 hours, if you have a nice mahogany colour to your brisket then get it off and wrap in alfoil or Butchers paper and add a little Beef Stock when wrapping the Brisket.
7. Increase temperature to about 275 degrees Fahrenheit and place the Brisket back into the smoker, at this point you don’t need any more smoke, just heat. Place a thermometer in the fat side of the Brisket, this way you can check the internal temp as the meat cooks.
8. Once the Brisket has hit 205-210 degrees Fahrenheit it should be done. One way to check is to probe your meat. If the probe goes in with the no resistance then it’s done, if the probe is a bit sticky going in then leave for a bit longer.
9. Take your brisket out from the Smoker/BBQ and rest. Resting your Brisket is the most important part. You can do all the above right but if you don’t rest your meat for at least an hour or so before slicing you could ruin the Brisket.
10. Slice and enjoy.