Beef and Bega Cheese Burger Thins

By September 11, 2019Beef, Kids, Little Foodies, Recipes
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Serves 4   |   Prep Time: 40 mins  |   Cook Time: 10 mins


Beef Burger
500g beef mince
1 tbsp. worcestershire Sauce
1 spring onion thinly chopped
1 cup breadcrumbs
1 egg lightly beaten
salt and pepper to taste

8 slices of Bega Cheese
1 lebanese cucumber thinly sliced
1 avocado thinly sliced (optional)
4 cups salad mix shredded
2 large tomatoes thinly sliced
½ cup tomato sauce
4 Tip Top Burger Thins


  1. In a medium size bowl add Mince, Spring Onion, Worcestershire sauce, Bread Crumbs, egg, salt & pepper.
  2. Using your hands, combine all the ingredients to form patties.
  3. Divide mince equally into four parts. Wet hands and roll each portion into balls then flatten into patties.
  4. Heat 2 tbs oil in a pan over medium – high heat. Cook patties for 3-4 minutes on each side, turning once (make sure that the patty is cooked through). Remove patties from grill.
  5. Cut up the lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado and place in bowls.

     Assemble your burger

  1. Add some classic tomato sauce to both halves of the Tip Top Burger Thins.
  2. Add cheese, patty & cheese again.
  3. Top with sliced tomato, lebanese cucumber, avocado, shredded sweet mix and Tip Top Burger Thin.
  4. Eat and Enjoy!