I don’t know about you, but during the week I’m not a huge breakfast eater. The extra 20 minutes spent in the warmth of my bed is too tempting, especially on these frosty mornings – and then it’s a mad rush to everyone ready and out the door. I then spend the next few hours grazing on sugary snacks to get me to through to lunch. Not the worlds’ healthiest diet.

While my weekends are spent enjoying Chia puddings, Acai bowls and Eggs Benedict (nothing beats a good Hollandaise sauce), I’ve discovered that my weekday breakfasts don’t need to be a whole song and dance routine – simple is better than nothing! The new Uncle Toby’s O&G Crunchy Granola range is really hitting the spot – I like to serve mine with a big dollop of creamy Greek Yoghurt and some berries or a sliced banana. And as a compromise – I’ll throw everything into a plastic container the night before (keeping the yoghurt separate) and just grab and go in the morning. Which means I still get to sleep in!

The new Uncle Toby’s range of 4+ Health Star cereals (including the O&G Crunchy Granola range) is available your nearest Drakes store now!