Explore what’s in your Cuppa with Dilmah!

What’s in Your Cuppa?

Do you know what’s in your cuppa? Dilmah tea is handpicked, garden fresh and made with love by a family of tea growers – All the good stuff!

Nurtured by pure air, sunshine and soils. Picked by hand, not machine. Just the tender leaves and buds, so rich in flavour. Dilmah pack their teas fresh to seal in taste and goodness. They are a family with love for tea, they respect nature and their customers, so they don’t blend their teas or compromise quality for profit. Dilmah is the perfect cup of tea. Do try it!

Great taste, natural goodness, ethical purpose. That’s what’s in your cup of Dilmah Tea.

For more information about Dilmah, click here: https://www.dilmah.com.au/