Did you know there are only 5 more Fridays until the big day? Christmas is fast approaching and I know how hard it can be to organise everything in time. Here at Drakes, we’ve prepared 5 tips that can assist you with surviving Christmas.


Plan ahead

Don’t just enter the shopping centre or supermarket without a plan. Decide the stores and items that you want to go before you get there. The best thing is to make a list and try not to get distracted.

Make a list

Just like what we send to Santa, make your own list of the presents you need to purchase and what food and drink you will need for the big day. This way you can constantly update and alter your list as you go and hopefully nothing and no one will be forgotten.

Shop early

Don’t leave it for the last minute. We have all done it before but maybe this year you won’t need the late night shopping hours to complete your list.

Keep calm

Allow yourself extra time to get things completed over the festive season.  This way you won’t feel rushed when you’re faced with overcrowded shopping centres &  long ques. Let’s face it the busy period can bring down our Christmas spirit so it’s best to avoid the extra stress if possible.


Remember the big picture

It’s not all about the gifts and glamour. Remember it’s about family and friends getting together to share stories and to catch up on the year. In all the hype leading up to the special day we sometimes focus on the gifts & glamour & forget what the true meaning of Christmas is.


From everyone at Drakes, have a safe and merry Christmas!