We spend so much time on the run, working, looking after our families and not to mention trying to fit in a social life that between the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we rarely stop to just breathe. Adelaide Yoga Flow are not your average yoga studio, and using their unique style of Vinyasa Power Flow they are helping their clients do exactly that – stop, breathe and flow.

We sat down with Sam Efraimsen, Owner of Adelaide Yoga Flow to find out how we could all benefit from just taking the time to stop, breathe and flow.

Q: What makes your studio unique?

We like to give our clients space, space away from the rat race, space for themselves to relax, to calm, to get rid of the busyness we all have between our two ears.

We fall under a massive umbrella in that a lot of people come to us for weight loss, flexibility and strength but these are just bi products of our goal which is to provide space for people to come without children, without stress, without emails and without phones, and just take the time for self care.

Q: What is Vinyasa Flow?

Vinyasa Flow is not new but quite popular in Melbourne, Sydney and London. We move, we groove, its with music so it’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s funky, but its also not so kooky. You are going to have a good time and there’s nothing serious about it –  we want people to move, to be able to synchronise their breath and just flow.

Q: Is it for everyone?

Yes, it’s for anyone. As long as you don’t take yourself seriously. We have all kinds of people, male, female, people in their 20’s and in their 70’s.

The common statement we get from clients is that they are not flexible enough and that is the perfect candidate that needs to be here more than anything. Being in the flow is easy, relaxation and slowing down is the hardest part.

Q: What are your tips for beginners?

Come along and try it, as long as you have an open mind and don’t take things too seriously you will be fine. Keep your awareness within the four corners of the matt, let the breath and the music flow and just go with it.

Q: What role does diet play?

It’s a balance, we are not one extreme or the other, I like a glass of wine and also enjoy organic foods. A healthy diet is important, there’s no point exercising then going through the drive through on the way home.

For more information on Adelaide Yoga Flow head to adelaideyogaflow.com.au or better yet drop in for a class, they are located at Level 1, 237-239 Unley Road, Malvern.