Halloween: The Tricks and the Treats

By October 28, 2019Events, Halloween

While Halloween is a long-held tradition around the globe, it’s still only relatively new in the land down under. Like tipping, getting used to Halloween etiquette takes some getting used to – we’ve assembled some guidelines to make your Halloween day a treat!


Guidelines for Trick-or-Treaters:

  1. Get dressed up! If you’re going up to your neighbour’s door for candy, the least you can do is give them a show! Put on a mask, get your face painted for free at your local Drakes store or turn a sheet into a ghost costume – just make sure you have a story behind your costume!
  2. Look for a “Trick or Treaters welcome here” posters, or decorations that let you know that your neighbour is participating in Halloween. Respect your neighbours if the gate is locked or there is a “No thanks” poster on display.
  3. Wait for the previous group to finish. If there’s a group ahead of you, make sure you let them finish at the door. Give your neighbour the cursory “Trick or Treat” chant before grabbing your loot!
  4. Leave some treats for the next group. Don’t grab all the lollies – make sure you leave some candy behind for the next trick or treater. Besides, who knows what lollies are in store next door?
  5. Don’y forget your please and thank yous. If your neighbour is kind enough to participate in Halloween this year, make sure to thank them!

Guidelines for the Haunted House:

  1. It’s recommended that you hand out individually-wrapped lollies. For hygiene reasons, grab bags of individually-wrapped lollies such as Allen’s Fantales, Chew Mix or Kit Kats, available in family-sized bags at your local Drakes store. 
  2. If you don’t have time to dress up your front yard but still want to participate in the festivities, pop up a poster letting trick or treaters know! SA Police  and Queensland Police have posted fantastic posters available for you to print and display – click here for SA and here for QLD
  3. While home-made treats may seem like a good idea, the prevalence of allergies may mean that many kids won’t be able to consume them. Stick to store-bought treats, just in case.
  4. Fruit as treats is likely to get you tricked. You have been warned.


Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your loot!