Harvest Gourmet Meat-Free, Meet Tasty!

The name might be new, but the roots of Harvest Gourmet go back 30 years. Harvest Gourmet’s food expertise and meat-free mission started in Israel, where, inspired by Middle-Eastern cookery, embraced the regional Levantine cusisine which created their first meat-free products. As a result of the growing Flexitarian trend, and the call for a transition from animal to plant based protein, the demand for meat alternatives is growing every day.

Harvest Gourmet’s ambition is to revolutionise the meat-free category by bringing excitement to the world of plant-based food, with no compromise on flavour! With 2 different product ranges you’ll be sure to find a product you love! Discover the goodness of plants and the power of protein with their incredible range, including the Incredible Burger and Incredible Mince. And their Classic Range which includes, Chargrilled Strips, Classic Falafel, Gourmet Sausages, Mince Balls and Vegan Burger.

Harvest Gourmet have made exploring this new Flexitarian lifestyle worthwhile with their large range of products now available in Drakes stores.

There’s no need to compromise on taste and texture… you won’t even believe it’s plant based!

For more information and delicious recipes visit, https://www.harvestgourmet.com.au/.