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Say Hello to the Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

When our children are small, they need lots of nutrition to grow and develop properly. There are certain foods that are powerhouses of health and nutrition. Breastmilk being the best for babies, if possible, then as they mature there are foods called ‘superfoods’, and they contain good amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, choline, calcium, and iron.

They are super because they boost health and development and typically have many preventative health benefits. One such superfood that we love is flaxseed oil. In comparison to canola oil, it is a wonderfully nutritionally dense oil.

The Forgotten Oil

Flaxseeds and its oil are not a new food. In fact, it is actually one of the older and, perhaps, one of the original “health foods,” treasured because of its healing properties throughout the ancient Roman Empire.  The very nutrients that give flax its nutritional benefits – essential fatty acids – also make it a sensitive and delicate ingredient.

Did you know that a form of petroleum is used to extract oil from the canola flower or palm oil kernels? Whereas the cold-pressed process is a chemical free way of extracting oils, which is particularly good for delicate products and helps maintains the nutrition.

But what is flax, what are its benefits to your little one?

Flax, also known as golden flax or linseed, is a flowering plant that grows in New Zealand, Canada and parts of the US. The flaxseeds are, naturally, the seeds of the plant and it’s those that we consume, whether in seed form, as flax meal or pressed into oil.

Science today has proven that flax is an amazing source of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, as well as lignans. It’s also an excellent source of dietary fibre, which is great for controlling blood sugar levels. Finally, it’s incredibly high in protein, boasting six grams of protein per each three-tablespoon serving and is a good source of iron, calcium and potassium.

Benefits of Adding Flaxseed Oil to Your Childs Diet
  1. Flaxseed is one of nature’s riches plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and in particular the alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which the body uses to contribute to normal blood cholesterol levels. The ALA created by the body from Omega 3 fatty acids works alongside lignans to affect the white blood cells that help the immune system.
  2. Flaxseed is a great source of protein and this can be a great contributor to the development and maintenance of muscles and normal bones. As well as this, protein helps repair tissues and cells, which is good news for all those bumps and bruises kids tend to get growing up.
  3. Emerging science suggests that the high concentration of fatty acids in flaxseed oil, namely Omega 3, are beneficial for child’s brain health, particularly is protective effects on the brain and its potential ability to reduce hyperactivity.
Some Ways You Can Add Flaxseeds to Your Baby’s Diet
  • Add some LittleOak Natural Goat Milk Formula to your little one’s favourite smoothie.
  • You can add flaxseed oil or flax meal to cereals, baby yogurt, porridge or fruit or veggie purees
  • Flax is also wonderful as an egg substitute in baked goods should your bubs have an egg allergy, or if you just wish to increase their nutrient consumption. Try it in muffins, pancakes, biscuits or even homemade rusks when baby is teething
About LittleOak

LittleOak is the first in the world to include high-potency, cold-pressed flaxseed oil and is also the first baby formula in the world to be certified Palm-Oil free. LittleOak fell in love with the natural benefits of whole goat milk and used it to make their range of infant and toddler milks. Rich in vitamins and minerals as well as naturally occurring prebiotics (oligosaccharides), goat milk is a natural and nutritious alternative to nourish little ones – to grow big and strong. For more information visit

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