Fresh from the farm today, our new look Drakes milk has arrived and is available in stores now at your favourite store!

Produced by Parmalat for Drakes, this product is 100% Australian and permeate free.

What does permeate-free mean?

Well the word permeate is a collective term for the lactose, water, vitamins and mineral components produced by a separation process called ultra-filtration.  This process involves putting the whole milk through a very fine sieve, which separates the various components of the milk.

Milk is produced by cows in all parts of Australia, so regional and seasonal factors can contribute to the difference in milk composition such as fat and protein and therefore the difference in taste throughout the year. The addition of milk permeate to milk is a way for manufactures to standardise the protein and fat content to a consistent value and taste throughout the year. So by removing permeate from the milk, the milk is closest to its natural form and taste when it is milked from the cow.

Drakes milk is produced by cows who graze in parts of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australian and also across Queensland.  We have introduced new contemporary packaging for the 2 and 3L bottles, with safety seals, endeavouring to reduce the risk of the milk leaking.

Available in 2 & 3L bottles in QLD and 1, 2 and 3L bottles in SA.

We hope you enjoy the taste of Drakes new look milk and pick yourself up one at your favourite store today!

Ivan Eckermann
Marketing Manager