Discover the Richer Taste of New NESCAFE Gold Coffee!

By June 29, 2018New Products
Nescafe Gold Drakes

It’s Monday morning. Rubbing your weary eyes, you stumble into the kitchen in search of the liquid gold that your body craves. It’s 6am and you need the good stuff. Stat. Rejoice, Coffee lovers – those who appreciate the finer things in life and a delicious cup at home will now be able to get their hands on great at-home coffee!

In being the leaders as well as inventors of instant coffee, Nestlé and its NESCAFÉ Gold team have carefully crafted an improved taste experience for avid coffee consumers. The expertly crafted, premium grade quality of NESCAFÉ Gold now only delivers on barista style taste and aroma.  The exquisite NESCAFÉ Gold range is known for its rich and full flavour profile.  Crafted by experts, the blends contain high quality coffee beans, which are then perfectly roasted and ground to produce a coffee, filled with exceptional richness and full flavour.

NESCAFÉ Gold sets a new benchmark for the premium NESCAFÉ Gold instant coffee range. A key part of the brand’s ongoing promise is to provide Australians with distinctive tasting notes and relevant strength levels for each variant, ensuring that Australia’s growing need for high-calibre, drink-at-home coffee is easily met, each and every time.

New NESCAFÉ Gold is available in the coffee aisle in all Drakes stores and Online now! With five blends to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right NESCAFÉ Gold for you.

Nescafe Gold Smooth 3 Coffee

Smooth with a golden crema. Taste it black to really experience the smooth crema.

Nescafe Gold Rich 4 Coffee

Balance of richness and depth. Try adding ice cubes to make an iced coffee.

Nescafe Gold Original 5 Coffee

Just right, not too mild, not too strong. Try using a milk frother at home to create the perfect cafe style coffee.

Nescafe Gold Intense 7 Coffee

Bold with deep coffee notes. Try adding an extra teaspoon of coffee for an even stronger cup.

Nescafe Gold Dark Strong 8 Coffee

Strong and bold. To prevent scalding the coffee, let freshly-boiled water cool for a few minutes before adding.

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