The River Port Beverages Story

By March 14, 2019Proudly Supporting

SA’s River Port Beverages have made Portello since 1899, making it one of the world’s oldest soft drink brands.

“These products are synonymous with South Australia,” says Pat Moss, Business Development Manager at Australian Pure Fruits. “And they’re still made here in South Australia.”

Originally a fruit processing and puree business, Australian Pure Fruits expanded in 2006, buying soft drink and fruit juice companies with long connections to SA.  The company now export long-lasting, shelf-stable products to 18 countries.

Quality natural ingredients are the key. “There is not a single preservative in our products,” says Pat.

“If you drink our orange juice today as it’s made, or in twelve months’ time, it’s going to taste like we just squeezed that orange for you.”

Over 75% of ingredients are produced by farmers within a 30 minute radius of the Australian Pure Fruits factory in Lobethal.

“If you’re drinking one of our products, you’re drinking something that’s been grown in this region, produced by people working here in our factory. So with our products in Drakes, the flow-on effect is more jobs for South Australia,” he says.

“Working closely with Drakes gives us the opportunity to have our brands represented in their supermarkets. It’s been a longstanding partnership now, working together, we support one another as two great South Australian brands.”

“I see what they’re doing in the marketplace, their entrepreneurial approach as a company,  and we want to continue working with Drakes to grow, and have a bright future together.”