Summer calls for NEW Peters Drumstick flavours!

By February 1, 2021New Products
Summer’s here with NEW Peters Drumstick Flavours!

Drumstick has always signified the arrival of summer in the hearts and minds of Aussies. The iconic cone is synonymous with hot summer days, backyard sports, sticky fingers and making summers memorable.

Ask anyone what the best part of the Drumstick is and they will say almost unanimously answer with three words – the choccy tip. So Drumstick have decided to MEGASIZE Australia’s favourite part!

Introducing the ‘MEGA TIP’ – a brand new Drumstick featuring the choccy tip you know and love – now with double the tip in every rip! The new Drumstick MEGA TIP is now available, ensuring 2021 is off to a mega tasty start for Drumstick lovers. With more than three Drumsticks eaten every second, this news is sure to have many Aussies racing to the freezer aisle – so get your running shoes on!

As if this wasn’t enough good news, the new Drumstick Mega Tip is available in two brand new, totally irresistible flavours. First up there’s the Choc, Peanut & Caramel, this delicious creation marries chocolate and peanut in frozen harmony with gooey caramel syrup and crushed peanuts swirled throughout. It’s topped off with more peanuts and caramel on top, with an extra large choccy tip.

Next, is the Honey Macadamia, this glorious cone is filled with caramelised honey syrup swirled through frozen creamy macadamia, with crushed macadamias on top and of course, the mega choccy tip.

Available now at Drakes Supermarkets in the freezer aisle. For more information visit,