The Beerenberg Story

By June 24, 2019Proudly Supporting

The Paech family have been farming in Hahndorf for 180 years. 

For 50 of those years, they’ve been growing strawberries off the road near Hahndorf, now the home of their famous ‘pick your own’ strawberries.

“That was Dad’s big idea,” says Anthony Paech, Managing Director of Beerenberg Farm. “He was very entrepreneurial and that was his big idea, to start growing strawberries.”

Through their partnership with Drakes, Beerenberg took their local business to a bigger market. “The Drakes supermarket chain was a big part of our step forward to becoming a larger business,” says Anthony. “We have a very close relationship with Drakes, it’s almost like a family relationship, they have trusted us and we trust themAs Drakes has grown as a business, so has Beerenberg.”

“I think it’s really important that locals support locals,” he says.

Beerenberg now employs 75 local staff in Hahndorf and the Paech family are proud to give back to their local community.

“We’ve been so lucky to be here in Hahndorf with the farm on the side of the road,” says Anthony. “We have been on this land for six generations, so we consider ourselves stewards of the land and the taste of the strawberries comes from those years of experience that we’ve had.”

In 2010, they established the Beerenberg Foundation, a charitable trust to preserve Hahndorf’s natural and cultural heritage. “Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest German town, and we’ve grown as Hahndorf has grown,” says Anthony. “We hope we can produce a product which people like, and love, and in return, we can put money back in the community and make Hahndorf and South Australia a better place.”