The Cucina Classica Story

By February 1, 2020Proudly Supporting
When they founded Cibo in 1996, Claudio Ferraro wanted to recreate the Italian dining experience in Adelaide.

“Coffee was at its infancy in Australia, and Adelaide was picking up on that change,” says Claudio. “So we came in and delivered that style of Italian espresso.”

As Cibo Espresso grew, the family opened up a production kitchen behind the scenes, supplying fresh food, pastries and gelati to 19 Adelaide stores. After Claudio visited the UK in 2011, the kitchen became the centre of their next enterprise – Cucina Classica.

“In the UK, you’d go into a supermarket and there were aisles and aisles of ready meals. It was interesting to see how developed they were, I thought there’s got to be an opportunity here in Australia”. Already familiar with Adelaide food trends, the family experimented with ways to take home the restaurant experience.

Cucina Classica mixes locally sourced fruit, veg, meat and smallgoods with high quality Italian tomato sauce and pasta. “Then it’s about converting those ingredients into an authentic, traditional recipe.”

By 2012, Claudio and his business partners were confident about their range. “So we visited Drakes.” says Claudio. “From our launch into the market, to introducing new products, Drakes has been very involved”. “Time has only improved the great relationship between the two South Australian family businesses.” says Claudio.

“We thank Drakes for everything they do for us. We look forward to our continued relationship with Drakes Supermarkets.”

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