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By August 25, 2021New Products

Lunchbox-safe with The VGood Company!

Made from roasted chickpeas, VGood NOT-nut spreads are a new nut-free, lunchbox-safe alternative to peanut butter and choc-hazelnut spreads, developed by an Australian mum wanting to make healthier choices more accessible.

With a focus on great taste and a great eating experience, the unique Pea-NOT Butter recipe delivers a real ‘peanut butter’ taste and texture, and Hazel-NOT Choc is a delicious chocolatey spread, made completely free from peanuts and tree-nuts.

Chickpeas are the main ingredient, providing a source of plant-based protein, fibre, and iron, with less fat than peanut butter. HazelNOT Choc contains 60% less sugar than other choc-hazelnut spreads, and the range contains no artificial preservatives or colours.

VGood Spreads are great options for families wanting to save time in the mornings with simple yet nutritious lunchbox solutions, as well as for nut-free baking, smoothies, savoury dishes such as satay sauce, and they are vegan friendly. The VGood production facility is free from peanuts, tree-nuts, gluten, soy and dairy.

Now available in selected Drakes Supermarkets. Explore the VGood range here www.vgoodco.com/

About The VGood Company

With personal experience as a busy working mum of school aged children, Sally recognized a gap in the availability of tasty, healthy, and simple lunchbox-friendly options.

VGood brings to life Sally’s dream of making healthier choices more accessible and of inspiring more people to feel confident that they are doing their best for their family without needing to compromise.